• Shawarma Machine
  • Deep fat Fryer
  • Double Door Chiller
  • Single Door Fridge
  • Chest Fridger
  • B.B.Q Grill w/six burners
  • Flat Grill
  • Hot Cabinet single door 8 racks
  • Hot Cabinet Double door 16 racks
  • Camro Box (Hot Box)
  • Micro Oven
  • S/S cage shelving unit
  • S/S Working Table 150 X 70 CM ( Big )
  • S/S Working Table 91 X 61 CM ( Small )
  • Chrome Shelf 150 x 45 x 185
  • Charcoal Grill Small
  • Charcoal Grill Large
  • Tandoor (Mobile)
  • Steel Skewer Flat


1. All Rates are applicable per 24 hours basis, immaterial equipment used or not.

2. Hirer to provide transport for both side or pay as per the agreed transportation.

3. In case of loss/ Damage of item the hirer will be responsible to pay cost of piece or replacement charges mentioned against each item.

4. Cleaning charges 15% of hire cost payable by hire.

5. Hirer to ensure / count the goods at the time of delivery and return.

6. m.E.M is free from any liability under whatever circumstances.

7. Supply of items subject to availability.

8. Cancellation of order must be notified 48 hours in advance otherwise charges will remain applicable.

9. Items other than the list are also provided/fabricated as per your requirement.

10. PAYMENT TERMS: As agreed

Waiters, Waitresses, Cooks, Hostess, Promotion girls, Photographer etc available on request at reasonable rates.

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